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Award Winning Performance
Agency in Turkey

Profaj can get your brand connected with your target audience in Turkey and help grow your business locally.

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Google Ads

Google AdWords Search, Shopping, YouTube, Display Network and Mobile ads.

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Facebook Ads

Facebook Reach, Conversion, Traffic ads, Carousel and Video ad formats.

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Instagram Ads

Instagram Story, Traffic, Reach, Caousel and Video Ads.

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Video Ads

Video production and advertising via YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

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Single Agency for All Your Digital Marketing Needs


  • Digital Media Planning

  • Digital Media Buying

  • Designing Ad Creatives

  • Ad Management

  • Ad Reporting

  • Conversion Optimization

Results Driven Digital Marketing Solutions




  • Online ads that bring more qualified leads

  • Higher revenue generating e-commerce ads.



  • Display Ads (Google, Criteo, Facebook and local Ad Networks)

  • Video Ads (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram)

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Search Engine Marketing

Google AdWords, Yandex, Bing search ads management and optimization.

Digital Media Buying

Reservations from local digital media networks to advertise on local news sites, blogs, and micro sites.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Swarm ads management and optimization

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Your Local Digital Marketing Partner in Turkey

Based on our experience and success stories in the Turkish market, we are dedicated to helping you reach your goals in the Turkish Market.